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THe Pit Boss

Get the fire
just right
Meat choice
it matters
Last Element

Troy Davis, the pit-boss and owner of Troy’s BBQ in Boynton Beach, has definite ideas about proper barbecue.

“First, get the fire just right. You don’t want a flame — no flames, just smoke.”

But meat choice matters. “Get good ribs. I use three-and-a-half-down spareribs,” he said, referring to a butcher’s designation of size.

“They go up to five- and six-down. You don’t want them that big — the bone is too big in them.”
These are most recognizable as a St. Louis-style sparerib, he said, much preferred to baby backs for long and slow cooking. He cleans the ribs by soaking them in a combination of cider vinegar and water. This tenderizes them and cleans the fat in the pork, he said. For cooking,

“I use a combination of charcoal and oak. I don’t have a thermometer on the big smoker outside. You do it a while and you know the heat’s right. I keep it at around 350, 375; a normal heat, with vents in the smoker — you have to have vents.

And I cook with the hood down to keep the smoke in and keep the meat tender and falling off the bone.”

There’s another element, he said. “You’ve got to have TLC: tender, loving care. You’ve got to watch them while they cook; you can’t walk off and leave them. I turn them consistently — I cook 45 to 90 slabs at a time — and baste them every 15 or 20 minutes.

It’s a long, slow process, but that’s the only way to get tender ribs. You got to use yourself as the rotisserie.”
The result is great texture and flavor. A tender, smoky flavored rib that’s moist and needs no other flavor is the goal. It’s telling that none of them serve a sauce on the rib, but wait for the customer to ask for it. “A good rib doesn’t need anything on it,” Davis said.


Our story

BEGAN in 1996

Troy Davis started out with seafood on the menu when he first opened in 1996.  The problem was customers kept ordering barbeque. Over and over again.

It may have been a problem at first, but customer demand helped Troy Davis hone his skills as the master of the barbeque.  After years and years of experience at the pit, Troy has made barbeque his business and has created a legacy for his family.

The customer base is still growing, the menu has evolved and Troy's sons are partnering with their father to bottle up Troy's signature sauce and take it to the next level 21 years after the first platter was delivered with perfection.

BBQ perfection takes time

If you don't have the time, don't worry.  Just call ahead to order and we will prepare the perfect lunch or dinner  just for you.


New Location 

Now Open

1198 N Dixie Hwy

Boca Raton, FLoRida

Now you can enjoy our famous Barbeque in two locations in South Florida.



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